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Who we are

Creative Disrupters: Enough of the status quo

Cordial World is developing a groundbreaking digital platform designed to bring citizens and institutions together to solve the world's most complex problems. Founded by a group of creative innovaters from around the globe, with one collective vision, we are changemakers on a mission.


Why not join our community and help us build a more Cordial World? 

What is Cordial World?

A Cordial World is a truly connected society driven by the value of citizens and communities.

A Cordial World empowers people to share their perspectives and life experience to solve local and global issues together.

A Cordial World will always recognise people for their value contribution, and reward them fairly.

What Problem Are We Solving?

Governments are fast failing us in solving the most critical and existential problems of our time, in particular the climate crisis.

It is Cordial World’s assertion that the reason for this, is that a central government focus on solving the problems associated with an increasingly broken society, is distracting and diluting the resources required to apply an effective and appropriate climate-change strategy.

What is the Cordial World Solution?

Cordial World believes that the untapped resources within citizens and communities can deliver all the power required to heal a broken society. The value of those resources just need to be recognised, quantified and applied appropriately.

With the enablement of Web3 technologies, we will provide citizens and communities a platform where they can collaborate in safety with others to offer their value in discussing and solving important local, national and global issues, we will help people satisfy their desire for their voices to be heard, their (individual and shared) values respected, and their contributions appreciated.

As a result, our platform can help heal broken societies personified by misunderstanding, bias, lack of respect and dignity for others, that prevent desired outcomes for the collective good of people and the planet.

Meet the Team

Who’s Who

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Founder & Chair

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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technical Officer


Full-Stack Developer

Why Cordial?

Get to know us a little better

Chris MacGregor, Founder's vision

Cordial World Introductory Guide

Whitepaper, June 2022

Take a look in the library for more information that may help and inspire you

Hannah Lind explains what attracted her to Cordial World and what she hopes to bring to the team. 

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