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Cordial World

Where your personal insight and life stories change policy and decision-making

Our Vision

A healed planet requires humanity itself to be healed.

This is possible by enabling a truly connected society where citizens are empowered to share their values of perspective and lived experience to solve local and global issues together, and where they are recognised and rewarded fairly.

Locally led, regionally connected, globally informed

What is Cordial World?

  • A social place where you can safely share your personal insight and experience to change policies and interventions.

  • A secure digital platform where you, not corporations, are directly rewarded for your contribution.

  • A trusted research hub for those seeking human opinion, including the ability for AI to ask questions of real people.

  • An inspiring collaborative tool that unlocks siloed thinking and creates consensus.

  • A welcoming home where we seek out alternative perspectives, including neurodiverse people, polymaths, indigenous people and those whose voices have too often not been heard.

  • An enabler and multiplier of the amazing things citizens can do together.


Our Story

We’re a diverse group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea. Cordial World is designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow.  To solve the social and environmental problems we all face today, we need to be led by those closest to the challenge.  At Cordial World, we believe that understanding personal insight and real lived experience is crucial to effective interventions.  We believe people should be rewarded fairly and directly for their participation; their data belongs to them and it is valuable.  Only through empathy in 'human reconnaissance' and equity in collaboration can citizens, companies and councils build a successful future together. 

Contact us today to learn more.

Our Technology

Advanced next generation solutions

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Cordial World.  We find smart ways of using technology that puts people back at the centre of design and builds a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. We will use traditional technologies with blockchain and AI-enabled Web3 services like Self-Sovereign Identity, verified credentials and personal cloud compute (PC2) to give people realy choice and methods of owning their own data and attribute the value of knowledge to people while respecting ethical design, personal privacy and identity.  We will release our own fixed supply DIAL utility token which will enable access to the value created within Cordial World. 
We'll be informing you about the technology behind our startup soon, in the meantime please get in touch.

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